Thursday, March 28, 2019

Week 12 Project 2 Progress Report

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Fiber Optic
Sound Sensor
Arduino Uno

What's left to be rectified:
  • Material for flowers?  
    • Lace
    • Dark fabric
    • Light fabric
    • Paper
    • Could metal and welding be an option?
      • Create amateurs with reflective mirror paint
    • Wire armature
  • Should I use other materials to make the flowers or use them as line to create visible energy?
  • Flower pot of sorts
  • Casing for Arduino
  • Potting soil for flowers to sit in

Week 11 Reflection

The Artist presentations went well, they helped me better understand the goal of the final project.  While conducting research for my presentation of Dr. Tyler Fox, I began to mentally break down what it means to feel a project, not just see it.  The interaction with the viewer of the final project is what matters.  I started to picture how a scene can totally envelop someone, the beach for example.  We don't just see the water, sand, sunset, shells, fish, as separate things.  Going to the beach is a full experience, this is the part that must be felt in the final project.

I felt challenged with this next project because it forced me out of my comfort zone.  When I slowed down and thought about it more, I began to realize I shouldn't feel intimidated, this project is only an accumulation about much I have learned in the art program at UWF.  Thinking back to Jim's Idea and Concept class, then to Val's video and photography class, I remember how the experience and the way a project is presented is what matters.  Going back to my own artist's statement, the art piece is a tool of what is to be felt and an individual is more likely to remember how they felt about a piece before remembering what it really looked like.  I needed to remember all this, somehow I let myself forget this semester.  I let the electronic art component overwhelm me and I forgot everything I have learned.  It was time to slow down and think, time to exhale.

Week 10 Reflection

My first project proposal of an interactive tapestry was rejected because of time and overall direction of the project.  I feel confused at this point and I am going to need some time for brainstorming a new project.  I have learned that it is 9 time out of 10 a good idea to head back to the drawing board when feeling stuck.  This is definitely one of those times where I need to brain storm and remember everything I have learned about installing, creating an atmosphere, and taking over a space via electronic art interaction.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Tyler Fox Presentation

Tyler Fox Presentation



Project 2 Brainstorming Idea 2

What: Accumulation of sound activated, fiber optic flowers
Where: Dark room, possibly back photo room to create a secluded atmosphere.  Thinking install with speakers emitting a customized sound to activated sound sensors creating a one of a kind secluded experience.
How: Fiber optic lights controlled through Arduinio Uno with sound sensor.
What: Fiber Optic lights strung into flowers with a thin material; material could be fabric, paper, lace, etc.

Glowing flower

UV flower box light

Fiber optic via arduino control

LED Info

More LED info

How to connect fiber optics v ju a arduino and sensor

17 Apr 19 LED

Music Activated LED Single Music Activated LED Multiple